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Last years Winners Ellerstina Photo: Melito Cerezo.

Hurlingham Club Open Championship YPF (Programming)


First Day


The Dubai Dolfina 23, Chapa Uno Hope Funds 11

Piaget Pilará 17, Estancia Grande Sancor Insurance 15

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Black Label Ellerstina 18, Joy 11 Crowne Plaza

La Aguada BMW 15, 10 Indians Chapaleufú II Cardon

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Second Day


The Dubai Dolfina 20, Estancia Grande Sancor Insurance 10

Chapa Uno Hope Funds 13, 12 Piaget Pilará

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Black Label Ellerstina 14, Indians Chapaleufú II 12

La Aguada BMW 12, Joy 10 Crowne Plaza

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Third and final day


The Dubai Dolfina 17, Pilara Piaget 9

Estancia Grande Insurance Sancor 19, Chapa Uno Hope Funds 16

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Ellerstina 14 Black Label, La Aguada BMW 12

Joy Crowne Plaza 13, Indians 12 Chapaleufú Cardon

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Saturday 5/11/2011

The Dubai vs Dolfina. Black Label Ellerstina


The Hurlingham Champion Dolfina

The narrowly defeated Dubai Dolfina Ellerstina Black Label by 19 to 18 and 118 ° won the Hurlingham Club Open from YPF presented by Citi.

In a large gathering of polo, conducted by two extraordinary formations, the undefeated La Dolfina Dubai (39 goals) defeated narrowly by 19 to 18 and he took this condition Ellerstina Black Label (37), on Saturday 5/11/2011 in the final match of 118 ° Hurlingham Club Open Championship - YPF, presented by Citi, played on the field 1 of the organizing club. In this way, the winner won the Ayrshire Cup and the stale Cup while Ellerstina YPF, which thus cut an unbeaten 17 games after winning the Triple Crown of the AAP in 2010 and the Tortugas Country Club Open in 2011, Cup stayed with John Ravenscroft.

The game started very even in the first two sets, in which neither team took a major advantage to both. At the end of the second period after two 2-2 draws in the third began to be the best version of The Dolfina so far of the Triple Crown 2011. In addition to a fantastic Cambiaso, who played an outstanding game, began to appear Pablo Mac Donough at its best to give a bonus to your computer over black men, in which Facundo and Gonzalo Pieres highlighted. With two goals and two Mac Donough criminal Cambiaso, La Dolfina took third chukker by 4 to 2 and went ahead by two goals. In that period there was a move that devolved to the Zetas, who after a goal by itself become older brother Pier, the subsequent throw-in was launched with a single player formed: Cambiaso. The rally continued and ended in foul for La Dolfina and subsequent protests Ellerstina boys, who finished with various techniques against. That led to "be" mentally party and between chukkas 3, 4 and 5, the team eventually got a partial winner of 9 to 3 with superlative level Cambiaso, who not only played but put on overalls to also help the brand, which left things 13-7, with three chukkas to be played. For this to happen, it was very important also the work of Juan Martin Nero, who blocked his path to the goal posts to his former teammates, with whom he won the Triple Crown 2010. Only in the sixth part, failed to win a chukker Ellerstina -3 to 2 -, which gave new impetus to launch the attack and definitely try to find a new miracle, like the one collected at the end of Tortugas. On top of the seventh part was won 4-1 with a Facundo Pieres intractable in implementing criminal and the party was an advantage for La Dolfina, but only two goals: 16-14. But Cambiaso took his best mare (Dolfina Cuartetera) and a burst of 1m.34s., His team got three goals (two of "Adolfo" and a "Pelon" Stirling) and almost won the game, 19-14, with just over 5 minutes left. We say almost, because you never know Ellerstina: 4 goals from Facundo again, a play and 3 penalties (totaling 10-10 in executions during the meeting), very well forced by the boys of the Zeta, left the meeting 19 - 18 with a minute left. But this time, despite having won the throw-in, "Nico" Pieres could not define the absence of 5 seconds and the extraordinary final ended with the tight but fair Dolfina victory, which snapped the winning streak in tournaments Ellerstina Triple Crown and left an uncertain prognosis for the 118 ° Palermo Open, which begins on Saturday 19/11. Van 1-1 in 2011, defined in the field ¿1 Polo Cathedral on 10 December?

The awards ceremony was held in which the "Toucan" Manuel Pereyra Iraola acted as master of ceremonies, began with a short speech of President of the Scientific Club Hurlingham Polo, José Ramón Santamarina (h). Previously, the Hurlingham Club was a recognition of two families who work for and the pole: Fagliano Villamil and families. Platelets were delivered by former polo recognized as Alfredo Gaston Dorignac and Harriott.

After that, he gave Alfredo Harriott Cup Captain Ravenscroft Facundo Pieres and replicas finalist team, Ellerstina Black Label, the owner of the Hurlingham Club, Eduardo Ojea Quintana, did the same with the Ayrshire Cup captain John M. Nero and the replies to the winning players, La Dolfina Dubai, after that, for YPF, Mr. Matías Eskenazi did with the cup that the oil company spent the champion. Then Mr. James Derqui he handed the trophy Facundo Pieres Ministry of Tourism of the province of Buenos Aires for being the scorer of the final while Adolfo Cambiaso (h) received from the hands of Omar Librizzi Cup St. Regis Hotel that people donated to reward the best player in the final. Then the Subcommittee Hurlingham Polo Club (José Ramón Santamarina (h), Lavalle Cobo Francisco, Santiago Trotz and Fernando Pereyra) awarded the winners with the historic gray bags. Finally, Daniel Kearney Cup, instituted by the Hurlingham Club the best horse in the end, it was for Open Tarantula, bred and owned by Ellerstina SA, played by Facundo Pieres trophy was presented also by "Pepe" Santamarina, while Award for Best Product AACCP registered players, was also to Open Tarantula and was delivered by President of the AACCP, William Fornieles Esc. Finally, Santiago Araya, counselor and member of the AAP Subcommittee on referrals from the Argentine polo stem entity, awarded to the three judges of the final, then give way to the winners celebrate with champagne.

The finalists and the progression:


The Dolfina Dubai: Adolfo Cambiaso (h) 10 (12 goals, seven penalty), David Stirling (h) 9 (3) (amu received a yellow card in the seventh chukker), Pablo Mac Donough 10 (3) and Juan Martin Nero 10 (1). Total: 39.

Black Label Ellerstina: Facundo Pieres 10 (14, nine and one penalty corner), Nicolas Pieres 8 (2), Gonzalo Pieres (h) 10 (2) and Ignacio Heguy 9 (amu received a yellow card in the seventh chukker). Total: 37.

The Dolfina Dubai: 2-2, 4-4, 8-6, 10-6, 13-7, 15-10, 16-14 and 19-18.

Judges: Ferrari and Nicolas Esteban Scortichini. Referee: Juan Jose Diaz Alberdi.